Can I offer multiple subscription levels?

We want to offer

  1. free course
  2. basic subscription (which includes audios)
  3. basic+ subscription (audios and live group calls)
  4. basic++ subscription (audios, live group, and 1:1 coaching)

Question A: is this possible?
Question B: how do I set up the screens so that each subscription user has a different experience when they login?


Hi Kalee :wave: and Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:
Of course you can do it, there are multiple ways to achieve what you are looking for.

I would procede like so :
• Set-Up a True/False property for each user (Plan A, Plan B, etc)
•Set the Sign-Up Form logic in order to make the user select his plan on his first registration
•Set up correctly visibility of your buttons/ actions. So only users with higher plans can see them.
Exemple : buttons to listen music is visible sometimes - if Logged in user - Plan A & B are True
•Create a virtual SplashScreen set as Home to avoid bugs/glitches

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Merry Christmas to you too Eugenio! What a great way to start the Christmas day…with a present from a stranger! You are very kind to take your time to help me.

I’ll see if I can figure out how to do what you say…I’m so new I’ve never done any of those things before…and let you know if I run into any problems, which hopefully I will not!

Thanks again!

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