Private user not visible in the professional users list

hi, I ask your self.

how can i create two different registration accounts? I would like to create one registration for professional and one for private. and then only professional users and not private users must appear in the list. I hope I have explained myself better

can I find a tutorial that explains step by step how to do it? or someone who can help me? thank you all

There’s many ways to handle this, it depends on how you want the user experience to declare they are different from eachother. You can simply add a true/false property in the Users collection, then give them the option to check a box at signup. Or you can force apply these rules to a user when they visit a specific screen or click a specific button inside an Action.

Here’s a good tutorial - Adalo tutorials: admin and user access to different screens - YouTube


thank you! I try to watch the tutorial and I hope to succeed!

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