Can I use the same form for both creation of new records AND editing of existing records?

Hello. I have a form and before user sees it I have a pre-load page. There I do a lot of cool stuff. My plan was to have users come to this pre-load page from one of two places:

  1. The main menu and then create a new record.
  2. A page with a list and then edit the record they clicked.

I understod that the pre-load page had to create the record if it didn’t exist. I solved this with conditional actions and only ran “create” when user came from main menu. So far so good.

But now when I made the list on another page and link that to my pre-load page I can’t access the current record. Data missing. I read up on why and realize Adalo won’t trust me to do this. :wink:

As a workaround I thought about just sending the id of the record I want to update and do a get record based on that. But can’t figure out how to do a single get. Do I have to make it a list and filter it on the ID? But then how do I get Adalo to autoclick it so so I get access to current record in the form-page… ?

I would really like to only use one form for create new record AND edit record. Is this not possible? Or insanely bad practice even if I would succeed? Should I just duplicate my preload page and form… ?

Okey… Feeling kind of stupid here… :roll_eyes: I’ll leave this here and maby save someone else an afternoon of work…

All I had to do was insert another empty screen between main menu and pre-load screen. All this does is create a record and send it to pre-load… List view just sends clicked record to pre-load. Logic in preload and form is exactly the same. Easy peazy!