How do I create notifications for the user when a new entry appears in the application?

Hi guys!I am creating applications like a small school newspaper and wanted to add a feature that when a new entry appears in the newspaper, they receive a notification on their phone.Do you have any ideas?I will be very grateful if you help!This is my first serious application, I don’t want to screw up…Thank you in advance!

Who is creating the new entry? Is this via frontend (App user) or Backend (App owner, Admin)?

If frontend using for example a Form, during the submit you could use the Push notification trigger to send to “All” users a message:

I only tested individual push notifications to Logged-in users, but this could work.

@dilon_perera , @Flawless , did you test already a push notification to All users?

Not tested Trigger Notifications still :rofl:

I believe this should go to the all users except the logged in user ( user that logged in and send the notification )!

Thanks for the answer, I hope it will work :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much

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