Can You Create Speedometer Component in Adalo?

I’m looking for someone that can create a speedometer type component in my Adalo app. I have a screen that users will need to record their speed… does anyone have any knowledge on how to do this or how it can be done?

Well i think that Pragmaflow geolocation does that, @TKOTC is that correct?

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Correct, it is part of the geolocation component. It can be used one-shot to record the current speed, or it can be used in continuous mode to display the speed on screen. I cannot remember if the units are in meters/second, or km/hr, or miles… I think it is in the documentation.

Install it here


I mean, I can build you one for money… :slight_smile:


It’s in m/s as i remember :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: