Stripe Connect not linking another stripe accounts

Hi, I’m using the stripe connect component to connect merchants to my app. I’ve successfully linked the stripe component to my app stripe account and filled in the details as required but while testing the stripe connect button, I get the error below.

“Settings / Stripe Account Setup Error”
“Your Stripe account could not be linked”

I have checked for spaces at the front and end of API keys, revoked the installed app in stripe and installed it back.

Is anyone having the same problem? I really need some help!

Also, I appreciate any idea on how to set up stripe connect using on adalo.

Thank you

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Hi @Charles719,

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There’s a bug on the Stripe Connect button and Adalo team is fixing that!

Check here : Is Stripe marketplace working for you? - #3 by Jessi.Frye

Thank you

@Charles719 :

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