Map not working in mobile


I have everything enabled in maps, SDK ios and android, javascript…

but I see it blank

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I have the same problem aswell, but I think on my part is is because I didn’t put in my credit card credentials yet.

I have google credits… so its not my case, I saw another people asking and never received answer

Can you let me know the name of this app or the app ID (long string of numbers and letters in the url in the editor).

Also, if the address is not found, this can happen too.

Yes, I saw that… it was the address was not found… that was my problem… and we can put current based on gps … so it seems i cant develop my project here…

El El mié, 13 ene 2021 a las 11:03, Colin Winhall ( Customer Experience @ Adalo) via Adalo <> escribió:

I requested access to the developer program, I would like to see if I can build some plugins for my use, since I have several projects and I am interesting to use migrate from react native to Adalo in this initial phase

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