Google Maps not working

Hi everyone, I’m having trouble setting up my google maps, i followed everything on the tutorial but im not sure what im doing wrong. Hoping someone could help me:

Hi @minriemacapugay, I got mine working by setting up the billing account to the Google Maps API.

I’m also stuck in the same place and billing is all set up as well…

@Pierre could you share a screenshot showing which APIs you have enabled on your account and that you have billing setup?

Thanks Ben

@Pierre do you still have the issue if you turn off the Application restrictions and the API restrictions?

Eureka!! Thanks @Ben. Now how do I lock it back down?
Seems like there was allot of requests… I’m the only one testing and developing right now.

@Ben Looks like the issue is the website restrictions that I added… Can you direct message me with what website or IP Address to restrict?

Now I’m down again without any restrictions… Weird indeed.

Hey did you manage to find a permanent fix? I’m having the same issue, map doesn’t load and no API restrictions…

Send me a DM with your login email, but also make sure you’ve set up the payment section of google developer as well.

Removed ALL restrictions and I was back up and running.

Hi there,
Looks like I’m facing the same issue.
Everything is set up properly on the Google API side including billing but the map doesn’t show up on the screen.
Here is the blank preview :

However there are errors in the console :-/

What did I do wrong?

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I followed again the whole process and created a new project in google developper: it (almost) works.
The map is displayed if I limit the markers to 10. As I will have +50 addresses I’m a bit stuck though.

I’m in same boat here. Anyone know if it’s essential that the Google Oauth Consent screen be configured for this to work?
Unfortunately I can’t do that ^^ until domain verification works and that seems to be failing for some reason so it’s a stack of dependencies right now but I’m wondering if the Oauth consent screen is truly an essential step for making this work…

Hi, has the fix for this been found? I installed a map yesterday and I’m having the exact same issue. Everything seems fine, but the map doesn’t display.

@Ben @ashley


UPDATE: Just found out that it needs markers to be set, and it starts working. No markers defined and the map doesn’t show up. Single or multiple.

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@davidvm How does one set markers? I’m still struggling to get my map visible…

UPDATE: Markers were set, but some of my records didn’t have addresses so I had to filter those out. Once I did that I started working fine.

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Hola Marina,

Te tengo una pregunta que no tiene nada que ver con el tema, pero me llamo mucho la atención la captura de tu app… Como lograste crear una barra de búsqueda? :slight_smile: