Unable to add new users

Hi! i have a bug where i am unable to add a new user. Whether through the database or through the previewer. Please help this is for a clients project!

Hi Nick,

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Try refreshing the editor a couple times…

tried that. I also tried logging out and in and still no change.

I also refreshed my cookies and cache and still nothing. I am having the client refresh on their end

did you try the editor in incognito mode for your browser?

Hi @nwilger,

I see that your users database has a little bit different layout than usual - first you have field with name “Phone” and then with name “Email”.

What I think is that you renamed the original “Email” field to “Phone”. This is not the best thing to do. In Users database, “Email” field in Users collection is the only field which is checked for uniqueness. So what I suspect - you’re trying to add the new user with an email in the 2nd field, but Adalo checks the uniqueness of the first field. And as a result you get a failed user add attempt - as your first fields are empty, and of course users with empty 1st field’s value (originally email) already exists in your DB.

Try to change the name back, use the 1st field as email and let us know what happens.

Best regards, Victor.


@nwilger if my suggestion doesn’t work for you - please don’t hesitate to post the result here, and also it would be great if you could film a video like the first one.
May be you found some unknown bug :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

Hey Victor! yes the client edited that field to be a “phone” instead of email. This is what caused the problem. I am assuming you can’t just sign up for an adalo app with your phone and need an email password is that correct? The issue is resolved

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yes, you need an email to make a user.

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no. issue was in the database

Hi @nwilger,

You’re correct - Adalo’s built-in method for signups/logins uses email + password.
In theory, one can enhance signup to use the phone instead, but this will require some effort. Anyway in my opinion one has to use some kind of “pseudo-emails” in order to store the unique user IDs; I can imagine that phone number + pseudo-domain could be used for that.

Best regards, Victor.