Can't afford a text font feature? Here is solution!

Well here is a way, I don’t know if this is breaking guidelines of Adalo but you can use fancy texts for free, All you have to do is use a program where you add texts into make sure it goes in PNG form, after that you can add your favorite texts fonts as an PNG image in Adalo, I am using photoshop for this example, any program that makes texts to PNG form works fine too!


STEP 1- Add a text into your canvas or any program you use…


STEP 2- Customize your text.

STEP 3- Export as PNG

STEP 4-Use adalo…

STEP 5-Insert Image.

STEP 6-Add folder of image in Adalo

STEP 7-Dance, you got font features for free!

There are website that does fonts for PNG, works either ways!

If this was funny, and helpful make sure to let me know, if you want to know font to image feature online website for free reply! :slight_smile: