Can't retrieve user info with many-to-many relationship

I’m working on implementing an MVP and I have the following collections

  • Users
  • Challenges

A user can challenge any other user in the platform. Any challenge will have 2 users. Users can have multiple challenges.

My Challenges table has a challengeID (UUID I’m generating through an API) a Player 1, Player 2 and what each player played and a result.
Then I have a many to many relationship between users and challenges (which I made in the challenges collection, if it makes any difference)

What I want is to have access to both usernames and user pics (and any user data) whilst on the screen of the current challenge.

Please ignore any other features like (online status and offline)

What am I doing wrong??

Although I feel I have a basic understanding of your app from that screenshot, I’m still a bit unsure what you are trying to achieve and where the issue is?

Could you provide some more context or even better, a short video explaining it? What happens now vs how you want it to work?

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