Can't send data to linked screen if linked screen is home screen

Ok, this is annoying.

My app is designed for internal company use. The home screen is a simple text input field.

Another screen contains a search list, which searches the user list.

When the right user is found in the search, I want to be able to click in the list and send the results back to the home screen.

Here’s the problem:

Apparently, Adalo won’t send data to a linked screen if the linked screen is the home screen. This is the click action setup when the link goes to the home screen:

No data is available to send.

But if I set a different screen as the home screen, data becomes available to send to my original target screen:

Why? Why should the home screen be different in this situation?

Now I have to create another workaround. I have to make a splash screen to serve as the home screen, which will add another unnecessary step to my user’s workflow.

I do love Adalo, but the more I use it to build my app, the more I feel like Adalo is “incomplete”. So many simple tasks require hacks or workarounds. More and more I feel like my Adalo app is held together with string and paper clips.

I’m willing to pay for the service, but please clean up all these hacky things.

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Hey bro

Group all of the items in your list and add the action to the group. Remove the actions from the list itself so that the actions only reside on the group within the list.

Example, this list of “Conversations” and I have no actions on the list:

I made 2 groups within this list and added the action to the group where it now sends the “Current Conversation” data to the screen:

I tried that before, as Dilon suggested, but couldn’t get it to work.

The reason I ranted is that I shouldn’t have to use a workaround to make this work. A hack like this isn’t necessary when sending data to any other screen, so why should the Home Screen be any different?

I’m just frustrated by the constant need for this sort of thing with Adalo.

I’m not sure where you’re struggling with this. It’s really not a “hack”. It’s just grouping things that are already in a list and adding a link.

Could you record your screen and show the list, components, and actions?

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