Cant send notification to a driver to accept or decline a booking

I’m trying to follow this guide: Adalo App Academy

but for some unknown reason, when a customer clicks my “request a taxi now” button
no notification pops up or redirects the driver to the accept or decline screen.

  • Driver IS available
  • driver IS showing up on “asking a driver” screen
  • but driver doesn’t get a notification


Hello Ciaranjsneill, in order to make your notification work, there are some tips that you can do :

1- Make sure that you test the notification from 2 different devices.
2- Review your trigger notification’s receiver in the action.
3- Make sure you enable notifications in the settings of the app on the receiver’s device.
4- Make sure that the receiver of the notification is using a native app (Android or IOS).

If you need more help, please PM me.

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