Can't set input field when using tabbar to change screen


I ran into a problem when trying to set an input field while changing screens using the tabbar.

The situation is as follows: when a user logs in or creates an account navigates to the screen with a list of stores, a hidden input field’s value is changed based on a custom action, that filters out the stores that aren’t located in the same area as the user. This works like a charm.

However there’s one situation where the input field’s value isn’t set (tried different values including plain text), and that’s when I go from my account page to the page with the list of stores.

So to summarize:
Login page > list of stores is working
Signup page > list of stores is working
Any modal > list of stores is working
Account page > list of stores is NOT working.

See below the list of triggers that should set the input field.

So the problem specifically occurs when changing screens using the tabbar.

Any thoughts on how to fix or work around this?

P.S. All my collections, including users, are external.

Oh and using ‘When a user visits the screen’ doesn’t work either because this way the custom action’s result isn’t visible in the list of options for the input field (Why?).

Hi @renzetc ,

This may not related to your issues now.

But I stopped asking why long time ago and just tolerate whatever Adalo gives me, if it does not work, I would try to replace similar function with other components, it is faster this way.

Once I got a little upset about sudden changes, it took me more than 2 weeks to do workarounds, no explanation or heads up, it just broke, and I get used to it so much as if I belong to the engineering team that put all things together in spaghetti source code.

Haha thanks for the reply @Yongki, I definitely feel you but this case is already a huuuge workaround and my last option (to filter stores based on a user’s area).

I would love have all external user datatype available but that’s not the case. Another option would have been to nest external collections, but there is - and has been for a while - an issue with using magic text in nested collection’s filters.

So yeah this was my last hope. Unless of course someone has a brilliant suggestion!