How to make the tab bar back link send data to next screen?

My library app is used by the clerk at the checkout desk.

When a member wants to borrow an item, he/she gives their User ID number to the clerk.

The clerk enters the number into a text input field in my library app (screen 1). This displays information about that user.

My app is configured to reset that input field to empty upon loading that screen (so the previous user’s data isn’t shown).

The clerk then advances to screen 2. The link to screen 2 sends data about the current user to screen 2.

But if the clerk hits the BACK button on screen 2, there is no way to send current user data back to screen 1, so the input field resets to empty, and the clerk has to ask the user for his ID number again.

Is there a way to send current user data back through the BACK link on the tab bar component?

How about using a hidden input field in a hidden screen to save the user id?

Then when the back button is used, you add an action to populate the input field on screen 1 with the info from the hidden input field.

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I’ll try this.

But if I have a setting on screen 1 to depopulate that field, won’t the same thing happen when I load that screen via the back button on screen 2?

You could create a clone of screen 1 that’s only accessible when hitting the back button on screen 2.

And on this clone of screen 1, you don’t have the action to clear that field.

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