Card List shadow won't turn off

Hi all! When I use a standard card sheet, the shadow of the cards does not disappear when viewed from the phone.

PC screen

When previewing on PC, everything is fine and there is no shadow, but when I look from the phone, there is a shadow.

Mobile screen

!!! I tried turning off the background and border of the cards, but nothing helps.

Will the shadow remain after pulling? I need to remove it.

Hi ArtreFresh,

So for sure shadows are sometimes finicky. What many people do when they hit a headache as a work around is to just do a grey rectangle behind the card that can then take the properties of the shadow.

It’s great, but I don’t need shadows)

Hi @artrefresh.

Does this happening on PWA or Native? After you turn off the shadows in your editor did you close the app fully and open it again to update that on downloaded app? Did you try deleting the Card List and adding it again?

Thank you