Optional card list border - design issue

Hi folks,

Thanks for that. I tried and change the border of a card based on specific conditions using the “visible if” option. But when I do this my cards who do not have the optional border appear wrong. Any idea how I can fix that? See example below.

Thanks, Greg

I’ve not tried a sometimes visible border within a list like this before but here’s my thoughts.

Because the border is right on the edge, potentially outside the list item’s normal rectangle, it could be throwing off the layout.

Could you have the list item be a transparent rectangle as the main frame of it, then a border just inside that, and then a white rectangle inside the border. That way the custom visibility may be less likely to affect the layouts.

Hi the Adalo guy,

Sounds like a good idea. I’ll try that… Thank you!
I saw on the roadmap this planned “component state” feature. This should make it possible without tricks!