🔥 New Templar Design Template: User-To-User Chat

Chat with friends and family in real-time without ever having to leave your app.

Add this powerful social feature to your app with the User-To-User Chat Adalo Template. It’s easy to use and helps keep your users engaged with each other.

With user-to-user chat functionality, you can connect with more people than ever before. It’s the perfect way to stay connected with friends and loved ones near and far. And since it’s built into your app, it’s always available when you need it.

Download the User-To-User Chat Adalo Template now!

Promotional Video:

Demo Video:

User-To-User Chat Includes:

  • 21 Total screens
  • Sending message animation
  • Triggers push notifications and internal database notifications
  • Abitrary Javascript character counter
  • Message text box expands based on character count
  • Snackbar messages on profile update
  • Intuitive search screen
  • Create conversations or load existing conversations (prevents duplicate conversations)
  • Home screen app bar with message and notification icons to display when a user has received a message and/or notification.
  • Send text, photo, video, audio, or file messages
  • No paid components required!

Now available on the Templar Design website!

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(Support does not include customization. Support includes troubleshooting and fixing any issues that you may have with my templates)


URL not working for me. I only see a purple background and nothing else.

Adalo hiccup, perhaps? Refresh lol.

When you say realtime chat, elaborate more about it please

I’ll record a demo video and update the post.

Promo & Demo videos added :man_mage:

This is the wrong place for that question.

Please, create a new post under “Get help”. Or search the forum. Plenty of posts related to chats.

Sorry. Thank you for assistance

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