Chat app, a doubt about performance

Hello, I’m new here. I’m a web and mobile freelance designer and after some days of explorations here, I think that Adalo could really be a great option to solve some of my clients’ needs without the need to invite pro developers to join, and see them regularly swallow most of the money on the table… (been there, saw that, too many times)

Right now I’m evaluating a request from a client and I need a help from the community.
They are organizing a big, internal, 2 days event in september with all of their employees, about 400 people, and they asked me to create a public chat app, so during the event people could post anything and let others reply or comment. Like a message wall. In the end, I think it will be more similar to Twitter than to a real chat… but this is not a problem.

I’m pretty sure that Adalo could handle this.
I’ve watched the YT tutorial on how to create a chat and it’s definitely straightforward.
Also, I think I’ll create a PWA app to avoid the need for the stores approvals.

My only concern is about performance. I’ve never created an app on Adalo and I don’t know how much it feels native or not.
In other words, if users that are used to write messages on apps like FB Messenger, Whatsapp or Twitter, all very fast and responsive, could feel my Adalo app as slower, thus less professional, thus somewhat amateur.

I hope people with more experience on adalo could clear my doubts. Thanks!

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I have some experience here with chat apps. I have a few live production apps that have chat functionality.

Check this out:

This is a new template that I’m selling, but I just wanted to show you this to show you what it’s capable of.


Hi @Enricofra ,

Chat function in Adalo is usually tight to existing collection, such as Order, Product or even Project, Activity etc.

To achieve fastest performance possible in using internal collection in Adalo, fixed number of persons in chat is needed, if we allow other users to join then we need to have more collections involved then it becomes slower as there are needs for more relationships and filtering.

Thank you @Yongki!
in my case the number of people connected is fixed, since they’re just the company’s employees, but they’re 350/400, so quite a lot.
Maybe considering this more a Twitter feed than a chat could make it faster?

  1. Each of the 400 users watches this feed constantly updating with new messages from their co-worker
  2. They can add their message to the feed, contributing to this sort of “global chat”

Any consideration about performance and/or any best practice to make it faster?

Hi @Enricofra

The chat app in Adalo is not a real-time chat. So users will feel that it’s so much slower than other chatting apps like Whatsapp, signal, etc.

It’s better to make what you suggested, something like a Twitter feed that loads all users’ posts. It will do the job well especially if you turn on the Auto-refresh feature on the list of posts.


Here’s an existing template by Adalo that you can clone and try.

For closed event like that, facilitating with both public and private chat is necessary, I think, but depends very much with the goal and journey that is set.

What I mean by fixed number is within a chat, like only for 2 persons, or only for 10 persons, this will enhance the speed much much faster, but not every use case can allow this.

Certainly relational database chat function will be slower than NoSQL database chat app, even more, it is coded and can do peer connection against no code and cloud service.

But no code app builders that can build chat function are not many, and if it does, it proves that it can survive complex use case.

If you are going to have just single chat for all users, then it can be set out to be simpler in relationship, there is no need for many-to-many relationship for members.

Play around with free cloneable Chat App when you want to add new app in the Editor, trim down most of the relationship fields in the users collection then you can test if the performance is within your tolerance.

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