Chat app way too slow

Hi there,

I build a simple chat app (text only, no picures) with adalo and sometimes it becomes super slow, even if it is just two people using it.

For now it is just a web app and I read that with making it a mobile app it can get up to 60 % faster.

However, my concern is that it will still be way too slow because I want that at least 20-30 people (from all over the world) can use the chat app at the same time and chat non stop. I think it will totally freeze the app or take forever to load when I get to that stage.

I am using the adalo pro plan.

Are there ways to speed up the adalo app so much that it will work smoothly, even with 20-30 people live chatting there at the same non stop, from all over the world?

I want that the users need not wait for more than 1 second until they can see the message they send.

People in my app are paying money to have these chat sessions so if the app’s speed is down for just 1 hour during the day and it makes the chatting unbearable, then it would be a disaster for me.

So I would really love to hear if it is realistically possible to make the app so fast in adalo that it could handle this without a problem. Is there anyone here who has achieved this? If so, would love to hear how.

I am currently looking at alternatively using + atomchat, in the hope of having a better experience there. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Thanks a lot.

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Our component installer has been offline since Friday, but we built a real time chat component recently

Eugene made a sample app located in the post if you want to try it


Hi this looks amazing honestly and exactly like what I need. However it goes a little bit over my head on how to set this up. I am not such a technically minded person.

Can anyone maybe set this up for me? I am willing too pay for it, as long as I can afford it.

Thanks so much for your response. It gave me hope.

Hi Julienicus, is not difficult to set up the Chat process with the component by PragmaFlow. I’ve followed the tutorial on YouTube, with some minor changes. Make sure to build correctly your Database : User - User Conversations - Conversations - Messages

You can have a look at this tutorial to understand better

Also I made a sample app to test the component, see here

Just wait for their site to come back on, then you will be able to install the component into your Adalo account


Thanks a lot Eugen! Just send you a private message :slight_smile:

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