"Claim" Action or limit number of claims

I’m building a deals app inside Adalo at the moment and hoping to make deals “claimable” and to set the total number of deals allowed to be claimed. Does anyone know a way I can accomplish this within Adalo? Thanks for the help – love the community here!

Define number of times deals is claimable in collection ( you can use no. property for this) & set the visibility on button.

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Thanks! Can you explain a little more what you mean by “set the visibility on button”?

Let’s say you created a relationship between two collection A (Users) & B (Offers) - (Many to Many relationship)

When user clicks on the claim button the user will be added to that current item & the Collection B > Current Item count is changed from 0 to 1

So when you set the visibility on button you can define like the button will be visible if Current Collection B > Item Count <= yourNumber (let's say 5)

Hope you understand, I’m very bad at teaching :grin:

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