Clone a list item and all related sublist items

Could you share the best way to clone a list item including all of its related sub items.

As an example, let’s say that we have a list of “Tasks” with a relation to a “SubTasks” list
I would like to implement a “Clone” button in the Tasks list to permit to duplicate the curent Task by creating a new Task with “_Copy” added to the curent task name with all of the subtasks associated to this current Task.

Should I use the Count down tricks as for mass delete ? If yes how and I which order ?


Hi @Samleroy,


UPD: the sub-tasks are also copied :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

Thanks a lot Victor ! A perfect and pragmatic example of the quality of the help provided in this Adalo community. In the same day you answered to my question by created a video to well explain the solution, which is completed your excellent Youtube channel that I really advice to subscribe !
I watched the trick about the Mass Delete with Countdown but I was not able to find out the brillant idea to store the current item in a Text Input before creating the new one and to use it to filter the subitem list to copy… It works very well.
Thanks again for your reactivity

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Hi @Samleroy,

My pleasure, thanks for your kind words!


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