How to create a custom action to allow users to copy a record

Is there an example of a custom action that could be assigned to a button to copy the record to create a new record (e.g. copy a past food order to create a new record)?

Thank you!

Hi @blove,
So in a current past order you would like to create new order? Or a different type of record?

If you are in the let’s say “past order details” page, you can create some HIDDEN input fields (in case you don’t want to show in frontend, that by default are filled in with the past order food details, then in the button you can just select those same input fields to then create another record for order or in another collection you need.

@blove ,

@Victor have a nice trick regarding this.

You can apply it to the same collection or different, as of now, for batch processing we need to use this countdown component, which is not ideal, but can do the job.


Thank you very much!

Very creative!!! Thank you for sharing!!! This is what I was looking for.