Cloner revolut or N26

hi how to create an app like revolut or if you have already cloned revolut or n26 I’m in

Hey there @nxwfreelance2019

Your request is extremely broad and vague. Have you started creating the app yet? Are you stuck on a certain part?

There is not currently a clone like Revolut on the market for Adalo just yet. Creating an app like this would take hours or days, so there’s no quick tutorial on how to make it either.

I recommend that you start creating your app and then ask for help when you run into problems or have questions.

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I reckon it’d take months, it could be possible, but depending on where you in the world would change the complexity (would be easier in the EU with the open banking api, very complicated and expensive in the US as their banking backend is decades behind what we have in the EU…)

So, like @Flawless said, it’s a very, VERY broad question.

thank you for your intervention, just know how to have bank cards (mastercard or visa) virtual or physical and have a clone of an application similar to financial management finally I do not know if you understand me just something like payonner (have online bank accounts with iban etc…)

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