Video Compression for improved loading speeds

Had a brief conversation with @Flawless yesterday to start looking into this and figured I’d put it out to the community as well in case anyone has discovered anything. Because adalo uses Imgix for images, we can query the urls to pull images into our apps in customized ways to increase performance (ie. url&w=200&h=200&auto=compress). The results in content-rich apps are astounding as it relates to loading speed. Now we are trying to see if a similar method exists for video, to compress them when pulling into the app rather than pulling full sized videos then shrinking them down.

Videos are stored in AWS, which I would presume has some method for doing so. Hoping someone finds a solution, I think this would help a lot of people!

Hey, there are several ways you could do this - but i’d guess the most well-known service would be Cloudinary, though it’s not free if you use it often. You can post the file (URL from Adalo File URL or Intermediate S3 Bucket File Upload) to the Cloudinary Rest API.

You then can pull the video file and manipulate the video file by adding in your URL Parameters as per the below, such as Crop, Resize, Quality, Add Watermarks etc etc. It’s extremely powerful.

I would however say that this requires a pretty good understanding of APIs.

Cloundary API Docs: Video Transformations | Cloudinary


Thank you for the reply man! I know there’s a ton of ways to do it through APIs/custom components/etc. and there’s a chance that’s the only way, I wanted to mainly start the convo to see if a rudimentary solution might exist. The issue that I’m really trying to tackle, I’ve seen soooo many complaints about speed, performance, external collections, API calls, just about everything people could possibly complain about, and everyone consistently blames every issue on Adalo and waits on them to fix every single problem. In reality very simple solutions and tricks might exist (as with image urls) that everyone can quickly implement to see significant improvements, and this says to me that sometimes we get so complex and expect Adalo to solve every possible use case for everyone, when we actually haven’t been using the roots of Adalo in the most optimal way. Shooting to help people build the most simple yet fundamentally strong and powerful apps possible built around Adalo, and use external services only when absolutely necessary.

*Sorry that may have been rambly I just feel frequently going through the forums that everyone hates on Adalo so much, and though I’ve come across a ton of bugs and issues there was always some fix on my end that worked, and it frequently is simplifying my build that got too complex. I might be alone but I actually firmly believe in the Adalo platform

Completely agree :slight_smile:

Adalo is really great for a lot of things… In fact, they have mastered many things… Every platform has its shortfalls and the changes made in Adalo since January speak for themselves.

Though I bear the tag of a community leader (doesnt mean you work for Adalo or Paid), I speak impartially of Adalo. I truly believe the platform can be used to make it so much better by using APIs/Custom Actions… nearly to the point that you could do almost anything. I trained an Artificial Intelligence Engine last week into an app… the possibilities are endless.


Wow that’s what’s up man!

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