Adalo mp3 player & apple app store guidelines

as found here UIBackgroundmode Key Issues and here Apple submission rejected because of the MP3 component

apple seems to reject any adalo app that uses the adalo mp3 player due to the uibackgroundmode key issue.

is this still the case?

do i better change to a different audio player?

Apple’s Guideline:

"Your app must have an active audio session before entering the background. If your app’s audio session is deactivated when the app enters the background your app will be suspended, because as far as the system knows, your app is no longer playing audio.

To learn how to activate an audio session, see Activating an Audio Session"

Hi Markus,

I had that issue when I was trying to get my app published initially. I had to submit a ticket to adalo, and they helped resolve the issue. It may be something they have to fix on the backend.

It’s been a while, so I can’t quite remember the fix. (I used the the Adalo Audio Player component and that’s what I still have in my app.) I’ll check back through my emails and see if I can get anything more specific. Meanwhile, I would suggest submitting a ticket if you haven’t already.

Hope you get it resolved soon!

Abigail Stewart

Prosody Performing Arts

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