Complex list filter

I want to display all the Clients Created By a list of Users.

Users: Mary, Caroline, Jacob (and more and more)


  1. Mary and Caroline (members of team 1)
    2, and more…


  1. Adam, created by Mary
  2. Boris, created by Caroline
  3. Cindy, created by Caroline
  4. Dylan, created by Jacob
    … and more…

When Caroline is loggin, I want to display clients 1,2,3 in the Clients list

So filtering property will be

  • All Users
  • Created By a User that is a member of Caroline’s Team (team 1)

I figure out how to display the list of members of Caroline team’s… but I cannot figure out how to setup the Client’s list filter.

Any idea?

Hi @Amber,


Thank you

Oh!! Visibility conditions on the listItem… Thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkks! :-).

I guess my apps is not setup correctly because I am not able to apply your solution directly but I will find Thanks a lot!!

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