How to filter a list for logged user?

Hi. I’m learning this platform and i’ve searched for in wiki about this doubt but my filter options does not have the same option “Lists - Adalo Resources”. I can’t filter user’s vehicle database for user logged only. When i try to aply filter show only “ALL MY_VEHICLE”. Some one could help me? What am i missing?

Hi @carlosfinezi :wave: :wave:

You have to create a relationship with the user’s collection and this collection. I think you haven’t created a relationship. Create and try to filter.

Thank you :blush:

  1. Go to page where you have list view web part added.
  2. Add “Current User Filter” web part under “Filters” section in the web parts gallery to the same page.
  3. Click down arrow on web part and click “connection” and select your list.
  4. And configure the connection.
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