Component: Tinder Card Sort (filter unanswered cards)

Clarification on UX:

  • User swipes card
  • User sees a “Stats” page
  • User clicks “back”
  • User continues swiping cards (however the answered ones are filtered out)

After a user swipes left or right, I want to add it to an “Answered” collection of Questions.

I have sucessfully done so.

Then, when the user returns to the card deck, they need to see ONLY those questions that are NOT answered.

How can I do this with this new component? I’m unable to see the other filter options . . .

Create a new relationship on the user collection for “Answered” then update the logged in user and add that question to the answered field.

Then filter out by Current User > Answered does not contain Logged In User.

That should do the trick. Let me know if you need further help or it doesn’t work!

@Colin dude thanks for your reply. I think I still need your help.

I’ve already done the User Relationship for “Answered Questions” and then Update “Add Current Question to Answered”.

My challenge is I’m unable to see the filtering option of “Does not contain, etc”.

This is the Updating the User’s Answered Questions:

This is my attempt to Filter. The normal “Does not contain” options are absent . . .

Change the main filter to “All Answered questions” then add a new filter for “Logged in user > Answered questions”. Then you should have a new option there for contains / does not contain.


@Colin I think we’re almost there. Is my database logic correct to facilitate the settings above? Thanks so much for your help. This is enhancing my Adalo experience for sure.

I’m unable to see “All Unanswered Questions.”

I cannot make out what the relationship type (cardinality) is of those related properties. But I am almost certain that that is most likely where the problem lies. Try experimenting with the different types of relationship cardinalities (one to many, many to one, many to many) until you see which one works.

Sometimes the best solution is to try them all until you find the one that works

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