Components Disappearing

Hi there,

I have seen this issue on multiple other threads, however there is no mention of a fix. Here’s how it should look…

And how it actually looks…

When I was building it a week ago, all was fine. Now, no matter how many times I login, reload, etc components are missing. And it changes, sometimes this is missing, next time that, etc.

I’ve seen that Adalo has acknowledged this as a bug, but how can this be fixed?

Did you try clearing your cookies and cache?

It has happened to me before. I have noticed that sometimes I have to clear the cookies in addition to the cache.

Yeah I did, I cleared cache and cookies multiple times. But the issue still persists unfortunately.

This is more of a support ticket type of issue.

I’ll give it a go, I have emailed Adalo a couple of times already however. Thanks @Flawless

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