Error publishing custom component

I’m trying to publish a private component, but I’m getting the following error:

Command failed: mkdir -p dist/input
The syntax of the command is incorrect.

I saw others had the same problem but nobody gave a solution.
How can I solve this issue?

You should read this : Error publishing private component

Thanks but I read that post before and it didn’t help. They don’t provide a solution other than emailing the support.

I did email the support and found out that we can only publish components using Linux or MacOS, basically.

Hi Matheus,

You could actually publish components on windows.

Please read this below.

Yep, I saw that. But under the hood it’s Linux, so to simplify… Linux and MacOS
But thanks :smiley:

Yeah, a least you don’t need to buy a new computer! :slight_smile: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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