Components on top of a list


Cant find an answer for this. I have a list at the top and some dropdown and a button in the bottom. Every other time the dropdowns and buttons lays over the list. The strange thing is that I have this problem exactly 50% of the times i try.

First thing I would check… find your way to the nested view of components.
Double check everything is in the correct group.

Second. There was a bug in adalo 2.0 where components with ‘Sticky while scrolling’ would hang on to old settings. Cutting and pasting components in may help, make sure the are in the correct container and test after each change. Bug was apparently fixed but I think there is an issue that is hard to replicate, hence my foggy description. Sorry.

Recently I had to rebuild an entire screen one component at a time.

Here is a nested view example. Drag and drop your components as you need.

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Hi! tested your suggestions but i still have the issue. Check this and tell me if you can see any direct problems.

Adalo 1 or 2.0?
Rectangle 18 is where?
Rectangle 19 could be the container for the dropdowns and button (in 2.0 only)
Group Dropdown is Layout = Top, or Sticky while scrolling in 2.0?
If it is supposed to be at the bottom of the list always, then it can’t be sticky or set to “Top”. You should also make sure the anchor points to the next object will allow the Dropdown group to shift down.

PM me a cloneable link and I’ll take a proper look.

TBH, i dont know how to PM. but if you give me your adalo mail i will invite you