Filters on Link action not working

Hello community,

so I have set up a button with the Link action. And the link action has a condition with filter inside which checks for whether certain data is in the table. I took the screenshot below

I know that the condition looks ugly because it is nested twice: Logged in user → Stores → Transactions → And then a filter is applied to look at a specific field.
So I kinda expected some error might occur.

And not suprisingly, error occurred where if I press the button to activate the Link action, button shows loading but it does not open the modal page. When I change it to does not contain, it triggers but then it does it even though data contains Pending.

I just want to check with community that if this error is really because it is nested too much or I am missing something like data type, table relationship, and etc…

I’ve looked some of the posts here that says link action might get buggy when there are too much of data table job.

A small insight on this will be really helpful to me.

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