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i would like to use an action in the app in order to change the home screen to a different one. is this possible? and how? (im sorry if this sounds like a stupid question).

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You want to change the the Home screen each time the user opens the app or change the default Home screen?

To change each time you would need a fake home screen that is the home screen and in that screen different conditional link actions. But I guess that would not be great if the screen has many conditional link actions and it may slow down the app.

To change the default home screen select the screen that you need to make it as the Home screen and after selecting click on the screen name and you will see a option for navigation type and in there you can choose Home screen!

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Hi @Koegen ,

I would suggest to define role, it can be number in users collection.

Let’s say at first user after signup is given value of role as 1, then something happen the role is increased to 2 and so on.

So based on this role, you can redirect to another screen, your home screen is still defined there, but you can use conditional link to another screen.

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Both @dilon_perera & @Yongki have wonderful suggestions.

I just answered this question in another thread that uses a simple true/false parameter:


Here are some of screenshots that can stimulate you.

This is home screen by definition, it is called Redirect

If you want to send collections, use make list in countdown, in this case I send 2 collections.

The user’s home screen is the result of this redirection,

This screen is receiving 2 collections.

As you can see we can have many user’s home screens.

I might put this as PSABH series later.

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thank you all very much for the information, it was very helpful!