Content not streching 100% on bigger screens

I have a activity feed in my app and it looks awesome on screens up till iPhone XS Max/XR and Google Pixel 2XL… Then there is a white area showing on one side and it’s not streching 100% of the screen. How can I solve this?

Under edit styles play with the top, bottom and none features. Select your image or component, click on edit styles, select top, bottom, or none, then preview your app. If it’s not what you want select one of the other options. I’m guessing in your case you’d want top.

Does not work… Since on some posts it’s with images and some none. And when I try to do it to the items in the list, it just gets fixed on scrolling and doesn’t display any content, If I do it to the image only the image doesn’t display and the area is just white…

Have you created groups and then tried?

I was having the similar issues, but on the bottom of the screen on the larger devices and I was able to solve it using what I suggested.

Yep, everything is grouped… But this is a custom list, so I don’t think a fixed position will work…

@alexid95 try changing the size of that screen in the editor to be the size of a larger phone and designing the content to fit that size.