Copy a product template into personal portfolio

Hi all.

Among one of the features, I am considering for my app is for the users to be able to browse a list of pre-configured products that they could search for and if found add into their own portfolio of objects. The goal is to allow connections to display their collection and to fasten the product onboarding process by copying an existing “product template” to have all the information “pre-filled” (otherwise I expect the data to be incomplete). Let’s say it’s a bike and one would search for the brand, model, year etc and once found add it to his collection and modify details if they are no longer valid for the person (let’s say some items were changed like brakes, colors or tires etc).

I see clearly how I can create publicly visible objects but am unsure whether copying / adding is possible (and how)?
Thank you.

You could have a button with a Create action that could use the properties of the Current Product as the values for the new record that gets created.

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