Copy for iOS or use the same app as for android?

I have published the android app. Im about to build the iOS app, but do you recommend copy the app or just use the same app as android for the build of iOS? Is there any pros and cons for this?

I’ve never even thought about it like this @rune

I’ve always just used the same app for both Android and iOS.

The advantage that I can see with having 2 separate apps would be for app updates in the app stores, where you can manage specific sets of features catered to each platform individually. For example, you can style screens like iOS themes and/or android screens for a somewhat ‘seamless’ experience for the user on their specific device. Like iOS notification modal screens.

The disadvantage would be double the work when adding new features or modifying existing ones when both apps have the same things.

Thanks! Good to know!
Do you know if the barchart (or other functions that reads from database) will strugggle with shared DB. I have this barchart thats already a bit unstable, and I fear what happpens when I launch the iOS too. Whats your theory on that?


No, it wouldn’t struggle with a shared DB. An app with a shared DB still uses the database as its own DB.


To make it clear, the feature to make multiple copies of an app is only available on certain Android devices. You should find this feature on Samsung, Xiaomi, and OnePlus phones.

If your phone doesn’t have this feature, you can still run multiple instances of your Android apps using a third-party app.

While each manufacturer has its own name for the feature—it’s called Dual Messenger on Samsung, for instance—it works pretty much the same no matter the phone.

Here’s how to get started. We’ve used a OnePlus phone running Android 10 for this demo:

Open the Settings app.
Scroll down, tap Utilities, and tap Parallel Apps.
You’ll see a list of apps that you can make copies of—not every app is supported.
Find the app you want to clone, and turn its toggle to the On position.
Your phone will create and add a copy of your selected app to your app drawer.