Count how many guest ordered starters, desserts... in a menu

I’m blocked by trying to know how many guest have chosen this or that dish…

My users can create a menu by themself by choosing maximum 3 starters, 3 mains and 3 dessert. When it’s done, the user who created this menu can invite people to look at the menu that was just created and those invited users can make a selection of 1 starter, 1 main and 1 dessert inside this menu.

I can display who (invited user) have chosen what. But I can’t display the number of how many people have chosen the starter 1, how many people have chosen the starter 2, how many people have chosen the starter 3, how many people have chosen the main 1 etc…

I tried so many different ways that I can’t explain but always without success!

So If someone already made something similar I would be thankful if he can share with me :slight_smile:


Hi @JonathanL

If you are doing this by creating records, later you can check them with count.

For example, when invited user choose a starter, you can create records for collection called selected items and fill them with related item and that user, you can relate with 1 to many, so selected item can have many users, and later you can use current selected item>users>count to get how many people select that item.

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Hi @Yongki
Thank you for your return but I already tried that but it doesn’t work.
I explain why,
When the user invited has to make his choice he has to log to his account. If someone invited him he has a button to see the menu BUT this menu is stored inside the collection Reservation (Reservation number, date of reservation, starters, mains, desserts,…)
So if I add a property inside this collection “Who choose what” it’s impossible to know which starter from who for example. Or I can’t add the logged in user whit the starter…

How can I create a record after the logged user made his choice if every starters, mains and desserts are stored in the reservation collection.

To display the number of choices I should have the possibility to select → HOW MANY users have chosen what starter (or main, dessert) WITH this reservation number.


I made an example that you can review here,

Reserved guest order starters,mains,deserts (

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Thank you Yongki
This is a nice way to do for the user who create his own menu.
But I need to know how many users (guest) have chosen this or this starter according the menu created by user A.

Your solution blocks when the user push + to add the starter (or other) because there is already 1 starter stored.
It would be nice to know which user pushed on + But that it’s also a problem because if I add a property ‘WhoClicked’ to the collection ‘Reservation’ I will be not able to link who clicked which starter… :exploding_head:

This is meant for starting point, you can change visibility and filter to achieve what you want.

Adalo by itself is very powerful, we can build complex system with its simple interface, just need to do more experiments.

Hi Yongki,
Actually I restarted the whole process using another way and it works!

Btw thanks for helping and sharing some nice tips with me!

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