How do I create a reservation feature?

Hi I am Amin I need help please
The app has users, any of them can send an announcement to share their journey which is displayed directly on the public announcements page
I want to count the number of ads for each user on his personal page like the number of followers on Instagram
I also want to allow any other user to press a button to reserve a seat with the driver when they see the ad on the ads page or on the ad details page
And I am very grateful for any help from you, thank you in advance

hello Amine, maybe you should consider create a new collection in the data base name “reservations” and with relation to the users, and you can add an action to a button to create a reservation and fill it with the needed information, and about the count part, you can add a text, and using magic text, you can select the ad collection and choose count, and if you need any filter you can do that too.
feel free to answer back maybe with some screenshots if you got stuck anywhere else.

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Thank you my friend I will try it and get back to you

Great, if you need anything feel free to contact me back…

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