Create a category of a note using a form

On a note making app I want to be able to categorize each note using a form.
How I want it to work is:
Click on Note -> Prompts form -> Write down the category.
Then, on a Category Screen I should be able to select such Category and see all the notes related to that category.
Also, it would be important for the Categories not to repeat themselves.

Hey @sebseb, looks like your Notes collection’s relationship with the Categories collection is 1:1.

Change it to many to many. ie. notes can have many categories, and categories can have many notes.

That should work.

Hope it helps!

@vancewong thanks for the help, however this did not work (notes can have multiple categories and categories multiple notes).

Can you suggest how to 1)make a note belong to a category 2)not allow 2 categories to have the exact same name?


Hey @sebseb, you can consider splitting it up into several steps.

Note creation

  1. Create a note - key in title and note text body (should create a new note in the table)
  2. Set a category - dropdown field to assign existing categories from the category table (use multi-select dropdown if you want multiple categories)
  3. Submit note - this action will update the current note by assigning the category

Category creation

  1. Create a category - key in a category in a text input field
  2. Submit category - this action will create a new category in the table (only sometimes: if the records in the category table are not equal to the input field)

This should work!

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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