Create Bulk Data kind a multiple Invoices for the app User

Hello great to be here in Adalo,

Im working in an app for Condos and Building Apartments.

to invite friends send them a QR code, guard at reception scans it and voila, we have access control.

but the problem I have is that the administrator needs to generate a receipt for each apartment, for rent, maintenance and other services.

For example, if he has 50 apartments and it is the day to generate the maintenance invoice on October 1, 2021, he would have to do one by one, but it would waste a lot of time, he should be able to choose the reason for the invoice “October Maintenance” Choose the Date, press Generate and automatically generate the invoices for each neighbor,

If in the building they charge different services, example 5 x 50 = 250 you would have to do one by one, all your morning went to generate these invoices



Check out @Victor’s YT and posts in the forum about bulk actions.


Erick Many tks, but they alway talk about update fields, i want create data from 0

Same concept. Recommend watching it to figure it out…

For example off the top of my head, you already have a list of apartments/buildings, so you aren’t creating from scratch. Run timer on this list, for each item create the invoice with the current monthly rent value. Or whatever you’re looking for…

Erik Thanks a Lot, Works Perfect. im so Glad.


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