Creating a Profile Data Management System

Hello, I’m wanting to create an online system for our clients to manage equipment that they have in different locations in the industrial system. I’d like them to be able to add equipment, change who uses that equipment, where that equipment is located, and attach certifications to said equipment. Any and all help would be great!

Hi, it’s a good project but the question is… what are you needing us to help you with? what is the question?

This type of apps works with several user profiles… for example, if there is a project and you want to add users to that project, you must create a database of projects with a many-to-many relationship with users to add users to that project. .it all depends on what help you are needing

Thanks for replying! Specifically, I’m needing help creating an equipment management system for multiple profiles. I’d like each of my individual customers to have the ability to tag their equipment based on the employee that uses that equipment, with the ability to edit said equipment and add new pieces of equipment.

ok great … in the forum we are helping to solve problems or questions of any topic …

If you want, we can help you make your app by the hour or by the entire project (we adapt to each client’s budget) but you should start with your app, do a test, and if you have questions, search the forum or videos or ask…

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