Creating a Quiz Pre Login/Sign-up

Hey All,

Wondering if anyone has tried creating a quiz (or any sort of user inputted data) BEFORE signing-up/logging-in the user?

The idea is to have the user go through the quiz before inputting an email/password like a lot of sign-up services have these days.

The best I can think of is a series of webhook using Integromat/Make, but if I had multiple people signing-up at once, I think this would be a problem.

Any thoughts?

You can do that. Simply use a form!

Ahh yes. I’m not sure that would work in my case as my quiz questions are not text fields (I suppose they could be)

I just re-read this. I thought you were asking if a user can create a quiz before creating an account. It’s now clear to me you were asking if you can have a not-signed up user take a quiz before signing up. Apologies.

The answer is still very much yes! What’s important for you is to create an ability to pass this information along as the person progresses through the questions. I’d generate a collection simply for this exact purpose. Treat it like a temp-storage of data that you can have available for when the user reaches the sign-up screen. Have the first answer generate a record in this temp data, and then each additional question update that record. When you get to the create a user step, that data will be accessible to attach to the user. If that doesn’t make sense, I can make a video!

Hi Thomas, thank you for your reply!

Actually both of your answers helped to make it click for me. I think both approaches could work, and I actually already do something similar to pass information along.

When passing a text string, I have a list of images let’s say (each with a text string name). When the user clicks on that image, I have an action to “Change Input Value” of a text field that is hidden (usually on a background screen that’s not seen) to the ‘name’ value of that image. That way, I can access that from all screens. I think this approach would work for my pre sign-up quiz too!

On your second note, this makes sense as well. I just tried it and it mostly worked although I’m having issues with passing information from Temporary User to the Logged In User. It doesn’t seem to work on a sign-up form submit action. At this point in my journey I can manually copy the information from the temporary user (quiz answers) to the logged in user (password created), but I wonder if there’s an automatic way to do it somehow.

Anyway, thank you so much for your reply!