Follow a topic (a list) - subscribe to a topic

I know that there are posts and tutorials on how to follow users, but I need to let the user follow a topic, to subscribe to that topic.
So I need to have a follow function and if a user wants to follow (subscribe) Products (one list of data from the app) as a new Products is published the user that follows Products will be automatically notified. If follows Events, only new Events will be notified… and so on… (like the function from the image from PH)
Is there a post or tutorial on this topic?
Can someone provide a solution for this?
Thank you!

Hello Patrick @pfordmedia .
Related to your video Creating a Notifications Screen in Adalo - YouTube do you have any suggestions in following a topic and not a user (as I am asking in the above post)? Or it the same workaround?
Thank you.

Good question. In terms of the follow function, the process is the same except instead of creating a relationship between Users and Users, you’re creating a one way relationship between Topics and Users. You won’t need to create a reciprocal relationship because Topics can’t follow Users in this case.

In terms of the notifications for that, you would just have an action that creates a notification, ties it to a topic, and then sends the notification to all Followers of that topic. If you’re wanting to display that notification in a list, you’ll need to simply filter the list so that it’s a list of the Logged in User’s > Followed Topics > Notifications.

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Hello! +1 to what Patrick mentioned. Also, there’s a bit of a trick to trigger new notifications when a new post is created, so I recorded a quick video to show the workaround:

You can clone the app from the video and play around with it if you’d like: Following Topics


Thank you for your answer @pfordmedia ! :clap:
It makes a huge sense at the logic level and I hope I will be able to put that in practice.

Thank you @parker ! :clap:
It would be great to have the capacity to accept 2 posts as Solution!..

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I’m all for teamwork! Glad to be a help :slight_smile:

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