CSV Import Specification

The Adalo CSV Import spec seems unusual, different from what my Excel exports, anyway.

Others have had issues. I lost hours today on importing 25 listings, even though I do a LOT of database management.

Here is what I figured out so far:
Commas, no quotes in the header
Commas and quotes in the data rows
Date of 0000-00-00 seems to cause “unknown error”
Lines need to end with a \n (newline, I think)

Manually entering a data row and exporting the file helped, but didn’t solve the “unknown error”

Overall, data onboarding seems to be a real weakness. Please support my FR.for functional data migration

hi @wonky imported some sheets from Gdrive in CSV format.
No title
Just number or text - no dates
exported straight from Sheet without much work
imported to Adalo without any work,
300 lines imported as a snap.
so no major problem with that size - with the actual system AND from sheets !

Thanks for the tip. I will use Sheets rather than Excel.

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@wonky I can also suggest doing an import via an export of a google sheet. I have always done it this way without problems. But if there are problems with an Excel CSV that is not good and I will bring it to the attention of the team.

Thanks Colín. I think there are some differences, some I pointed out.

You guys might do a Help page with a sample file and Tips, and link to it from the Import page.

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