Current Device Location dropdown not working on mobile builds

Hi! I’m trying to use the Current Device Location dropdown option that comes along with the Location Input component. I’m working on a mobile app, and I’ve noticed this dropdown option appears in the Adalo previewer and also when I pull the web app up on my mobile device. However, when I build the mobile app for test fight and open the native app, the “Current Device Location” drop down does not appear for me. I’ve added location permission requests and my app has permission to use the device location, so this seems like a bug to me. Does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks!

App in previewer:

App in a Test Flight build:

I’m having the exact same issue…
Specifically on native iOS for myself, haven’t tested native Android yet.
Build with the new responsive app option.

Glad to have found your thread - saves me the troubleshooting being it a ‘me’ or Adalo bug :wink:

Filing a bug report now!

Yes, glad to know it’s not just me either.

Thanks for filing the bug! Hoping this gets fixed soon.

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