Custom action doesn’t work

My problem is, that I want to make verification via SMS using one service and custom action. Every time I’m sending test request everything is great and I receive sms. But when I’m trying to send data from inputs it doesn’t work, and nothing happens

Could you tell me what’s the problem?

Hi @cooslly,

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Did you add the phone number input correctly on your custom action?

And I think to work this you need to put + and country code before you number according to the Twillio Documentation :


Thank you

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Thank you for the answer, I found a solution, but my action is not connected to Twilio. It’s another local service in Kazakhstnan

You know, I have another problem now)) Maybe u know the case. I have 3 file pickers or img pickers (that does not matter) and first of all they lag every time I’m trying to put some data in it (they don’t load it) and then (if I put files in it) I have an action of updating current user information, but files and images ain’t save. I’m sick and tired of this shit

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