Customer registry app - help with profiles needed


I’m brand new at this, so please explain like I’m 5 if possible.

I’m trying to create an app that will hold clients for a mobile hoof trimming service.
This means a very basic app with bottom screen buttons for “Stables”, “Horses”, “Calendar” etc.
Simple layout with a list of clickable buttons of stable names and the option to add a new one.
Under each stable, a list of horses boarded at that location (as well as the address - openable in Google Maps would be great).
The horses should have individual buttons that lead to their individual profiles which will include name, age, date of last trim, date of next (preferably with a reminder alert option), hoof pictures for proof of progress, notes etc.
The stable page should also have the option to create a new horse.
And this is where I’m stumped.

If I want to be able to create a new horse (or stable) from within the app, I will have to somehow tell it to create a new button + page + link to that page via the button.
I can’t seem to find anything that might help nor lead me in the right direction for this to be done automatically.

I’ve figured out how to use the form feature, but I’m not sure how to connect it all and have it lead to new pages (with a specific template including the input text from said form) that technically doesn’t exist yet by the time I compile the app.

Am I just blind?
Is it even possible? I mean, I know it is, but with Adalo?

Thank you for your time and energy.

Welcome to the community @MillieN :sunglasses:

This is somewhat similar to my ProPaw app, a pet health tracker.

You should have a collection of Stables and Horses and a relationship parameter between stables and horses.

On the screen with the stables, have a list of stables that, when clicked, goes to the list of horses (current stable > horses).

On the screen with your list of horses, you can have a button to add a new horse that leads to a screen with the “add horse” form. The form should be “update > current horse” and also have an action to link back after the form has been submitted. Since the previous screen was the list of horses, once a horse has been added and simply linking back, the horse will display on the list of horses after the form has been submitted.

Look at my app’s screens here:

You can see that on the home screen, I have a list of “pets” and there’s an “Add Pet” button at the top. This links to the Add Pet screen, then to the Add Pet Name screen, then a confirmation screen, and last, link back to the home screen.

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