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Hi, I’m building an app which is a mix of Upwork and Tinder. It allows entrepreneurs to post listings with their ideas and seek funding from investors who post listings with their preferences. I can’t seem to find an option which would allow me to add filters to the listings so an investor can filter ideas by industry, location, required capital etc. and the entrepreneur can filter by available funds or location. I would also like to set up an action where a left swipe will lead to adding the creator of the listing to contacts and giving the user an opportunity to message them. With this I would also need a chat feature and an opportunity to both buy more left swipes and subscribe to a monthly or annual fee in exchange for unlimited swipes. Lastly I would like to set up a different home page for entrepreneurs and investors. I’m a beginner and I’m not sure how can I solve those problems so if someone knows how to help me or knows someone that could help me then I would be very grateful for any advice.

Thank You and have a nice day, Filip

Hi @filip_sm!

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I may have solution for swipe left and swipe right!

That’s perfect. What do you think could work?

Hopefully thats what you wanted!

Thank You, I already got that, however I needed customization of that feature.

Thank you for your help

Np! Enjoy, if you have any troubles make sure to ask.

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Thank you so much, will do

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