Data from user collection appears to be cached (in one app only)

In one of my apps, I have a profile screen where the user can make quick changes to preferences. When the screen first loads, it shows the info in the collection. However, no matter what I do, the screen continues to show the initial values for certain things, including the full name and the value from a relationship.

I have buttons that change the values directly on my screen. But I also get this same behavior if I change it directly in the collection. The screen output never changes. Also, if I delete the component that is showing the wrong value and add it back in… it continues to show the initial value. It’s as if the user collection is cached upon first visit to this screen.

To verify I was doing it correctly, I loaded an entirely different app and did the same thing on a profile page. The info gets updated instantly.

So something is causing my user data to be cached in one specific app. Has anyone else experienced this?

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you @deetee.

This of course should not be happening but I was trying to reproduce it without success. Can you perhaps show a short video of this in action so that I can forward this on to the team?

I was in contact with someone else about this. She asked me to record a video, which I did.

  • After a couple days of frustration, this problem had disappeared when I went to record the video
  • There was no explanation as to why it started happening and no explanation as to how it stopped
  • The functionality is key to my app, so it would be devastating if the bug returned
  • It was happening inside this app and happened across several screens (including ones I created fresh for debugging)
  • As part of the troubleshooting, I tried to recreate it in a different app and was unable to make it fail the same way. It was isolated to the app in question


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